Delta Inc - Olympus digital camera

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Sep 8, 2018 – Nov 25, 2018

Delta Inc - Olympus digital camera


An alternate location for a fraternity or sorority house. When there is no more room at the house, or when you are a senior and you want to live out.
I went to the X frat annex last night in CTown. It was an awesome party.

to take from someone with sole intention of not giving it back, once an item is annexed from another the item is no longer theres
annexed: dude give me back my pencil
annexer: suck it!!i annexed it u pewter schmidt

The baddest mofos around. Straight out of compton. The annex is a notorious group of hooligans who are widely known as the trouble makers of the northeast.
Bob: Yo, whats up?
Eric: Not much man, you cant even see me like im in the annex 2.
Bob: Curly fries on fire.

Delta Inc - 2018_09_17_concordia_annex_jeroen_erosie_boris_tellegen_akay_exhibition_view_ralph_roelse_enschede_nl_019s
Delta Inc - 2018_09_17_concordia_annex_jeroen_erosie_boris_tellegen_akay_exhibition_view_ralph_roelse_enschede_nl_006s
Delta Inc - 2018_09_17_concordia_annex_jeroen_erosie_boris_tellegen_akay_exhibition_view_ralph_roelse_enschede_nl_009
Delta Inc - 2018_09_17_concordia_annex_jeroen_erosie_boris_tellegen_akay_exhibition_view_ralph_roelse_enschede_nl_017
Delta Inc - Olympus digital camera
Delta Inc - 2018_09_17_concordia_annex_jeroen_erosie_boris_tellegen_akay_exhibition_view_ralph_roelse_enschede_nl_018
Delta Inc - Olympus digital camera