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BACKSLASH Gallery Paris
Feb 4, 2015 – Mar 28, 2015

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Plannings III


Large assemblies of painted      sit alongside small        works in        whose          emphasises              architectural              .                working methods embrace a wonderful        for painstakingly            elements that    fine-tunes beforehand by         . In describing as          an ‘          of chaos’,    is expressing the idea of        and         of what is a faux chaos within a           ordered         , the product of                 training. There is no       here for the       . Starting from the radical                of         and      that made          during the      , when    was known as      ,                has developed a universe of               wherein the interstice between          and                combines with a             style founded on inverted             . The         explains: “   collages      as isometric industrial           . By         , cutting and           I         for change in scale and            .”

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Issues I
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Issues II
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Issues III
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Issues IV
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Undercurrent I
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Undercurrent II
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Undercurrent III
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Up I
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Interburden a6
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Interburden b5
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Interburden a7
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Plannings I
Delta Inc - Olympus digital camera
Delta Inc - Olympus digital camera
Delta Inc - Olympus digital camera