Delta Inc - Olympus digital camera
meta memory

Ron Mandos Gallery Amsterdam
Apr 7, 2018 – May 5, 2018
scenography by Daniel Hofstede

Delta Inc - Olympus digital camera


Galerie Ron Mandos.Exciting exhibition.Works by Boris Tellegen (NL, 1968).UnPlot, Tellegen.Entire gallery space.Site-specific installations.Sculptures.Drawings as well.Paper.Wood.The exhibition.Co-curated by Daniel Hofstede.

Investigate the tension.Order schematically undone by chaos.Isometric landscapes.Layering, cutting and chiselling, torn, glued and then torn again.Beyond control.Fuming.Life-size.Ensembles paradoxically serve.Future.

1980s.Pseudonym.Two dimensional.Dimension.Three dimensional.Architecture, painting, sculpture. Installation.He explores.Deconstructing and recomposing.Ever-fluctuating.

Delta Inc - 128dsrs
Delta Inc - Olympus digital camera
any then over
Delta Inc - Frame18349